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I cannot say enough about Method Fitness. I've tried everything (Kettlebells, Yoga, TRX, solo gym sessions etc.), but was never comfortable enough to stick with it. I dragged a friend to investigate Method Fitness a year and half ago and have not looked back since. I lacked confidence in these settings and would get anxious before going to the gym on my own, regularly talking myself out of it. It's different here as it has more of a community feel than your average gym. There is a unique support, we keep each other going and push one another further than we thought possible. I have met some amazing people and am in a constant state of fitness envy of someone's latest achievement. The consistency of the welcome and the team spirit has kept me coming back. The knowledge I have gained about Olympic Lifting from Kacper, Tom, Julie and Matt is second to none and they've passed on their passion to me. I cannot recommend Method Fitness enough. I came to get fit and stayed for so many other reasons (including the tea and chats ;)). The first time I saw a WOD on the board I laughed, firmly believing I was not able for this workout, but the staff have a subtle way of pushing you to believe it is possible and are with you every step of the way. Now the workouts are always doable and enjoyable.

Niamh O'Herlihy

From the minute I walked in the doors of Method Fitness and saw Kacper's smiling face behind the counter I knew I was in good hands. Despite the CrossFit gear staring at me (think tyres, ropes, med balls) and hard core top of the range equipment I never once felt intimidated or out of place. The vibe there is that of a family who actually care about their clients. The love, dedication, knowledge, training and support they give every single member is next to none. Only sign up if you want results because that's exactly what you'll get! I lost so many inches but gained so much more in confidence and a love for training that my day doesn't feel right unless I've lifted some weights! Injuries always held me back in the past but Kacper would assess how I was feeling and tailor each workout depending on that so that even now if I'm feeling a little niggle in my shoulders or back I can still easily walk into a gym knowing exactly what to do whereas before I always felt a bit akward wandering around the free weights and usually just ended up on the treadmill. Kacper took me under his wing and got me the results I wanted but did more than that, he totally inspired me and motivated me constantly. If I had a slip with nutrition he never scolded he would just encourage me to do better next time. I was given a tailor made nutrition plan and as part of my membership I had a choice of CrossFit classes, dance, Pilates, burlesque, lifting for women just to name a few :) I also did a few PT sessions where my butt was kicked for an hour. This was what changed my body the most. Kacper combines his knowledge of Pilates and CrossFit to come up with exciting, new, challenging workouts every single time. My fitness has improved, my butt has lifted and I'm on the way to getting some abs!! I never once felt bored or was watching the clock. I always feel amazing after each workout as Kacper comes over to high five me and Im in a ball of sweat on the ground :) 

When you add up all the amazing factors about Method Fitness; very reasonably priced, classes included, amazing equipment, first class trainers, CrossFit, dedicated, inspiring trainers and without a doubt no other gym in Cork comes close to them. Go take a look and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Rachel O'Connell

I cannot recommend this gym enough, I've been a member since May and managed to lose 20 pounds by only doing two crossfit classes a week. I was worried that I wouldn't be able for the training but the staff here are never to busy to help you and you can go at your own pace. The trainers and members are some of the nicest around and you'll never feel intimidated I can guarantee you. It's excellent value for money and feels more like a community rather than a business so I just want to say a big thank you to kasper and all the staff for this.

Sinead Coughlan

I don't know why it has taken me so long to write a review as I spend most of my days thanking this place for me physical accomplishments today... Method Fitness has changed how I look at the gym completely. I have been using the gym for years, have tried boxing, Yoga, Pilates and many other exercise classes but I always returned to being solo in the gym. CrossFit changed that. I gained the fastest results and made some great friends in the process. CrossFit brought a real community feel to the gym for me and I fell in love with this concept. But it's not just CrossFit, it has been thanks to Kacper and his amazing team. They are a group of professionals that want nothing but the best for their clients, they have pushed me further than I thought I could ever go and have supported both with muscle gain and fat loss. While driving my fitness to the best it's ever been. Recently I completed Tough Mudder and came first in my group with just my CrossFit training behind me. I leave my stresses of work in sweat on the floor and walk out of Method Fitness on a high each time. I owe a huge thanks to my CrossFit family for this and can't genuinely thank you guys enough.

Padraig Danacher

Excellent gym! Started there last November and from day one have loved it. The staff and the clients are like one big family, everyone whether man or woman, big or small, thin or ripped is treated the very same and encouraged to be the best person they can be. Has everything you need, Free weights, machines, studio, plus all the different classes CrossFit, Pilates, Rave Cave, Zumba to name a few. The staff there are second to none, Kacper, Matt, Tomo, Joanna and Sarah, very helpful and always approachable.

Eddie Kenny

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